Online board meetings are a fantastic way to keep board members on track, and make decisions without the need to travel. However some common problems can hinder the effectiveness of your meetings and impede board productivity.

Disconnections. Remote participants may have trouble connecting to a virtual conference unlike attendees in person. While this might not be an issue, it can cause a sense of disconnection and decrease engagement levels. Make sure to offer an excellent video conferencing solution that is simple to use and has high-quality sound.

Inadequate documentation. Minutes must be precise and clear. The minutes-taker should keep a record of the key discussions and decisions in writing to avoid confusion later on. You should also consider investing in a system of document management that lets you securely share and manage documents and meeting materials.

Engagement of board members is low. It can be difficult to recreate the camaraderie which is experienced in person. Try adding some breaks, icebreakers, or even a game, to your meeting.

Time constraints. The limited time to discuss each item at an online board meeting can be a major disadvantage. Be sure to allocate the appropriate time for each discussion and stick to it. Be sure to not load your directors with boring topics that will be difficult to talk about.