An online board meeting is a type of video conference that includes remote attendees. The goal of virtual meetings is to make it more accessible for those who are unable to attend in person due to the demands of work, health concerns or time limitations.

Having the option to participate remotely has a number of advantages, including saving on travel expenses and decreasing time lost due to scheduling conflicts. There are some differences between a virtual and an in-person gathering which can impact the efficiency of the discussion.

It can be difficult websites to pick up on the body language and face expressions when you’re not in the same room with other participants. This can reduce the level of participation in an online board meeting, particularly when board members aren’t comfortable with the technology or are having difficulty using it.

One solution is to implement an element similar to a whiteboard in the boardroom software to encourage participants to work together and contribute. Recording the meeting is a different way to allow members who aren’t able to attend the meeting to review the minutes later. Recordings are also helpful to be shared with new board members.

Before the call begins it is essential to review the technology. This will ensure that everyone is able to hear and see clearly. You can ensure that there are no issues during an event by checking for issues like updates to your computer software or camera settings, as well as microphone settings. Requesting that each participant muffle themselves when not speaking can help to reduce background noises and distractions.