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Expressing the Genius Within Radio

Expressing the Genius Within Radio is the leading radio show/podcast approaching Leadership and Talent Optimization from a unique angle

We address topics such as:

-Leadership Lessons
-Unique strengths and finding your genius
-Mental health
-Meditation for the workplace
-Preparing your company for the new era of employee/work relationships
-Corporate wellness and why you need it
-Building a culture of self-awareness & empowerment
-Diversity and inclusion
-Scientifically validated behavioral assessments and how to use them for -talent optimization

About Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander spent 7 years as a high performer in the corporate world before taking the leap and following his purpose and passion within entrepreneurship.

Since then he has built a successful business and learned valuable life and leadership lessons. Brian has also logged over 1000 hours in business coaching in the past 4 years with clients, helping them with all things life, business and leadership.

Brian has been on a relentless quest to understand why people do what they do and equally important, why people don’t do what they say they will do.  One thing he realized in this search is that it is everyone’s right and obligation to the world to discover and express their own unique genius and share it with the world.

Having unlocked the code for himself and those around him, he has now made it his life’s work to share it with the world and help every man, woman and child find and express their own unique genius within.

Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander


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Collaborating with Clients

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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

Price’s Law and how it applies to everything

Derek de Solla Price, a British physicist, historian of science, and information scientist, discovered something about his peers in academia. He noticed that there were always a handful of people who dominated the publications within a subject.  Price recognized a...

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expressing the genius within radio

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We all have a unique genius that lies within.  Find it, express it, and share it with the world.