Who We Are

Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander spent 7 years as a high performer in the corporate world before taking the leap and following his purpose and passion within entrepreneurship.

Brian Alexander has gained a unique breadth of experience over the past 20 years in many arenas’ including being top 10% individual contributor at a Fortune 30 company, starting his own business from the ground up as an entrepreneur, business coaching for entrepreneurs, building sales teams to scale companies.

He was shaped and molded by his experiences in each and it led him to his ultimate passion of talent optimization starting his own company Expressing the Genius Within.

Having unlocked the code for himself and those around him, he has now made it his life’s work to share it with the world and help every man, woman and child find and express their own unique genius within.

He helps leaders build winning teams. His focus is on helping companies build a culture of self-awareness.

His focus the past five years has been on consulting with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders around talent optimization and getting the right people into the right seats using scientifically validated and certified assessments.

He believes every individual and organization has a unique genius that is laying dormant within, waiting to be unlocked.

His overwhelming passion has been to help leaders understand themselves first, their people second, and helping their people understand themselves third.

Changing the world one soul at a time, one company at a time through self-awareness!

Follow me to learn more about how I help CEOs and leaders build winning teams, develop a talent strategy, and increase employee engagement by building leaders at all levels.

Here are my Predictive Index and Kolbe profiles.
© Kolbe Corp Result is 5-4-8-3 / © The Predictive Index Profile – Maverick 

Our approach

Our approach is simple and rooted in principles rather than tactics. We look at problem-solving as identifying and treating the cause, rather than treating the effect. A big piece of that is understanding the makeup of a team and their innate strengths allowing and empowering each team member to do their best work by being their authentic selves.

We increase empathy and compassion amongst an organization, in turn, the organization works in synergy.  Synergy is the intelligence of a highly complex system, the nature of which is always unknown to the individual members. We create a new way of organization, higher than any existing form. We produce results through optimizing human capital and unlocking human potential.